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Give back

Celebrate all you experienced, accomplished and continue to achieve as part of the LBS community.

Reunion is an opportunity to honour your ongoing relationship with the School. You hold the power to help fuel LBS’s future and make a real difference with your giving at any level.

Your support ensures our students get the best possible experience, our reputation is strong and that we always rank among the world’s top business schools.

If you would like to make your gift over a number of years then you can pledge your support. Click here to make your pledge today.

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Strength in numbers

Alumni time and generosity add up to have a direct impact on LBS. From August 2012 to November 2017, here’s a glance at the effect over the last 5 years:


Over 900 scholarships for outstanding students


Alumni donors supporting LBS


Alumni volunteer hours for recruiting, mentoring, fundraising, events and more.


Countries represented by our alumni, donors and volunteers.