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Reunion Leaderboard

Reunion gifts help to fuel the School’s future. From scholarships and innovative teaching to research, campus infrastructure and an enriched learning experience, your support enables the School to achieve things which would not otherwise be possible. 

In honour of your milestone anniversary, you can directly help to protect and enhance our world-class status and maintain the value of your LBS education. All gifts matter. Your investment in the School really is an investment in you. 

Come back soon to see how your class is doing on the leaderboard.

Reunion leaderboard

  • JEMBA2009 32%, £5,526
  • MBA1994 26%, £69,670
  • EMBA1999 26%, £22,850
  • SLN2014 23%, £6,500
  • SLN2004 20%, £21,703
  • MBA26(1989) 19%, £36,142
  • MBA2004 18%, £158,067
  • MSc17(1984) 14%, £404,068
  • MBA2009 14%, £50,179
  • MBA27(1989) 11%, £66,000
  • MBA2014 11%, £35,689
  • MBA1999 10%, £56,550
  • MiFFT2009 10%, £2,895
  • SLN21(1989) 8%, £835
  • SLN01(1969) 7%, £10,000
  • MiFFT1999 6%, £110,335
  • MSc07(1974) 6%, £1,624
  • EMBALJ2014 6%, £1,525
  • MiFFT2014 5%, £675
  • MSc12(1979) 4%, £5,000
  • EMBALS2014 4%, £1,763
  • SEMBA2004 3%, £6,680
  • MSc02(1969) 3%, £2,500
  • MiM2014 3%, £850
  • EMBAG2009 3%, £140
  • SLN2009 2%, £5,150
  • MiFFT2004 2%, £5,133
  • JEMBA2004 2%, £2,300
  • SEMBA99 2%, £1,250
  • MiFPT2009 2%, £1,077
  • MiFPT1999 2%, £500
  • EMBA1994 2%, £50
  • DLEMBA2009 1%, £150,000
  • MIFPT2014 1%, £1,000
  • EMBADJ2014 1%, £200
  • MiFPT2004 1%, £190
Give back

Give back

Celebrate all you experienced, accomplished and continue to achieve as part of the LBS community.

Celebrate your LBS connections and collaborations!

Make your mark at Reunion by sharing your LBS connections and collaborations on our donor wall - a visual representation of alumni support. Each message represents a Reunion gift to LBS, showing the power of every donation. 

To connect with the rest of the reuniting alumni community, please join your classmates and make your gift here.

Make your reunion gift

Wall of support
Wall of support
Wall of support
Wall of support
Wall of support
John Briginshaw
I make a reunion gift to give back. The reunion gift reminds me of the LBS experience, both in and out of the classroom, and through scholarships and research my gift will help others to have the same opportunities that we had.

John Briginshaw, MBA1993

Brenda Bing Paras Bakrania
I feel lucky to be a member of the LBS family, which has offered me the best graduate school experience I could ever have. Given the truly diverse community at LBS, I’ve learned so much from my peers. Without your support it would have been impossible for me to complete my MiF.

Brenda Bing, MiFFT2017, MiF Alumni Scholar

Paras Bakrania
It all adds up, and if you think about the sheer size of the alumni community, when everyone contributes it makes a huge difference. You might not be responsible for covering an entire scholarship, one student, or one programme, but the impact you have is massive.

Paras Bakrania, MiFFT2016, 50th Anniversary Scholar

Jose Lourenco Giorgio Vintani
Reunion is the perfect time to honour our past connection with the School and fuel its future by supporting LBS. Our investment ensures our School stays at the top – we want to see LBS maintain its strong tradition of excellence.

Jose Lourenco & Giorgio Vintani, MiFFT2008

Giorgio Vintani

Tarek Abdelrahman Christine Mhongo
The Sloan programme will equip me with qualities needed to address public policies, investigate business models and be part of the leadership change in my developing country. Thank you for allowing me to focus on the most important aspects of my learning experience. I hope I will be able to, one day, give back to students at LBS and my home country.

Tarek Abdelrahman, SLN2017, Sloan Alumni Scholar

Christine Mhongo
I wanted a more global experience after working in Zimbabwe, sub-Saharan Africa. LBS was the next natural next step. I would not have been able to study at LBS at this point without the scholarship. Giving [to a scholarship] helps to add to the diversity of the student body. Diversity enriches the experience for all.

Christine Mhongo, MBA2017, 50th Anniversary Scholar


Relive Reunion 2019

Our alumni are invaluable members of the LBS network. We were delighted to see 1000+ alumni during Reunion 2019. Relive the moments of this special weekend, celebrating lifelong friendships and creating new memories.



    Each year reuniting classes come together to raise money for their class gift. Our Reunion volunteers are instrumental in leading their class effort. Many begin encouraging support in early 2019. As Reunion approaches, this page will highlight the Reunion leaderboard, displaying the top ten classes for participation. 

    There’s strength in numbers, all gifts matter! You have the power to help fuel the School’s future and make a real difference with your giving at any level. LBS competes against schools with significantly larger endowments built up over decades of fundraising. Your support will help the School to remain competitive and seize opportunities as they arise.

    Every gift - no matter the size - is meaningful to LBS and contributes to your Reunion class gift. Your participation demonstrates that you value your LBS education and your connection to the School, and that you believe in what we do. Your gift also encourages others to invest in the School too.  

    Giving back, no matter how much, helps keep the School strong for the next generation. Your gift helps LBS maintain its excellent reputation and develops the business leaders of tomorrow.

    Donations to all areas of London Business School contribute towards your Reunion class gift.

    Your support helps ensure the best possible experience for our alumni and students, that our reputation remains strong, and that we will always rank among the world’s top business schools.

    Scholarships help the School continue to attract outstanding students from around the world. They help to create a diverse, innovative community that is shaping the future.

    Rigorous academic research is at the core of what we do. Our faculty and research have a significant effect on business and development issues around the world, helping to elevate the School's brand.

    We encourage you to give at a level you feel is manageable. Regular giving (i.e. monthly or annually) can help the School to be confident in its decision making, knowing it has the funds in place to realise its plans.

    Alumni celebrating their 20th, 30th, or 40th Reunions may choose to make a leadership gift or pledge (£5,000 or more) to show appreciation of their enduring relationship with LBS and its future. In previous years, many alumni celebrating their first five-year Reunion choose to make a gift or pledge from £500 to £1,000 to show their support for LBS. Pledges can be made over a two to five-year period.

    You can always increase your giving level at a later stage when you feel ready.

    We will announce the top classes for participation and total raised at Reunion weekend on 4 May 2019. For your donation to be included, please make your gift by this date. We also invite all donors to make their mark at Reunion by adding their name to our Reunion donor wall, as a way to recognise and thank all who contribute. 

    All donations received by 31 July 2019 can contribute to your Reunion class gift, but unfortunately, we will not be able to recognise these at Reunion weekend if donated after the event takes place.

    Give the gift of time at Reunion

    There are many ways to give at your Reunion, and giving your time by volunteering is a great way to support LBS. Your support is crucial to the future of the School.

    If you would like information on Reunion volunteering opportunities, please contact the LBS Reunion team:

    Kendall Murphy
    +44 (0) 207 000 7207

    Richard Gaskin
    +44 (0) 207 000 7220