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Speaker session

The purpose of finance

10:30 - 11:45

Chris Higson
Associate Professor of Accounting Practice

About the session

Since 2008 there has been considerable criticism of the finance industry. This talk from Dr Chris Higson will consider the broader role of the industry, and how best it can be fulfilled. How can the finance industry fulfil its purpose and how can we improve the quality of finance as a profession in a changing environment?

About the speaker

Chris Higson is a professor in accounting at London Business School, where he was formerly the chair of the accounting group. He has advised, or coached senior management, in many of the world’s leading industrial, banking and investment companies. He advises a number of government and not-for-profit organisations and has been involved in several start-ups. He was a member of the UK’s Industrial Development Advisory Board, the advisory panel of the UK Regional Growth Fund, and served on the investment committees of the UK’s Green Investment Bank and the British Business Bank.

Chris is a regular commentator on television, radio and in the international press and has authored well over a hundred academic papers, books, and cases. He works in the broad areas of asset management, measuring financial performance, and the value of intangibles to organizations. His most recent book is Financial Statements (2nd ed), Rivington, 2012. Chris qualified as a chartered accountant in London with Deloitte, has a doctorate in finance from London Business School, and holds degrees in philosophy and economics from UCL.